Refreshing the paint on your vehicle or repainting some scrapes that were left behind from a fender bender can be a long process to properly paint using a paint brush. Getting your car or truck painted professionally can cost you quite a bit of money, but this is where an auto spray gun comes into play. It provides a quick and efficient method to paint your car that will be free of streaks without costing you a small fortune. How do you know which auto spray guns are the best for your needs? This guide will explore several great spray gun options; in fact, they are some of the best on the market. Before we begin, let’s take a look at some of the types of auto spray guns that you can purchase.

Types of Spray Guns

  • Pressure-Feed Spay Guns – This type of system utilizes an outside pressure source. Typically, this type of sprayer is used for larger applications, but it has mostly been replaced with more efficient methods of spraying on paint.
  • Siphon-Feed Spray Guns – The paint in this type of spray gun is siphoned into the gun from a cup below the unit. This type of system requires a strong vacuum-like suction to pull the paint to where it needs to be. If the paint that you are using is thick in substance, then it will not siphon properly; therefore, the siphon feed system is best for thinner substances like stains.
  • Gravity-Feed Spray Guns – This unit also has a style that includes the paint being siphoned from a bucket, but this one utilizes gravity, so the bucket is above the gun. Because this system uses gravity to move the paint to the spray gun, paints with thicker viscosity are able to move through the tubes and less paint is wasted overall.
  • HPLV Spray Guns – HPLV stands for high pressure low volume, which means that the paint is delivered quickly using a lower volume of air than some of the other paint sprayers deliver. The paint coverage will be more consistent across the surface that you are painting and the amount of overspray that you need to experience will be reduced.
  • LVLP Spray Guns – LVLP means low volume low pressure, which means that the paint in the device will require less air pressure and volume. Because of the basis of this system, a high pressure source is not needed, so a small air compressor will provide what you need to safely paint a car without hesitation. This method is slower than an HPLV gun, but it does an excellent job.
  • RP Spray Guns – Reduced pressure spray guns are great for creating a smooth finish because the paint is applied using less force. In addition, smaller compressors can be used because not as much air pressure is required, which saves energy.
  • Airless Spray Guns – Airless spray guns utilize less force. Because of this low force, there is not nearly as much paint loss from these types of spray guns than some other types. This is perfect for panting large surfaces, though it does not leave a smooth surface behind.
ItemBest Design FeaturePriceRating
DeVilbiss 803311 SRiPro Spot Repair GunThis spray gun has a self adjusting needle to keep the paint application smooth.$302.97Stars 4.7/5
Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray GunThis spray gun features a 1.0 millimeter tip that produces a smooth finish.$115.72Stars 4.4/5
TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun SetThe spray pattern of this gun and the air pressure are fully adjustable.$79.96Stars 4.3/5
Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint GunThe anodized body of this spray gun makes it easy to clean.$188.40Stars 4.5/5
Astro 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose Paint and Body Spray GunsThis machine allows you to mix and paint up to two quarts at once.$132.50Stars 4.4/5
ATD Tools 6900A 9-Piece HVLP Spray Gun SetThis set includes three spray guns that can be used to prime, add a finishing coat, and touch up the paint job.$76.26Stars 4.2/5
DeVilbiss 802343 Auto Painting/Priming KitThis kit is designed with a two gun spray paint system that is perfect for any DIYer.$148.97Stars 4.5/5
Wagner Detail Front End KitThis sprayer generates a fine spry pattern that creates great details and finished surfaces.$30.52Stars 4.5/5

1) DeVilbiss 803311 SRiPro Spot Repair Gun

The first spray gun on our list is the DeVilbiss 80331 SRiPro. It features a comfortable design that is easy to grip and hold on to as you are spraying the surface of your car. It has a two finger trigger-style to ensure that your hands do not become fatigued during the painting process. The gun is capable of spraying any surface of the car, but the fan only ranges from 1/4th of an inch to nine inches wide. With this being said, painting the entire car will not even take a long amount of time.
The air valve of the device is perfectly balanced to give you more control during the blending part of the process. In addition, the needle on the sprayer is self adjusting to create a smooth finish that looks amazing. This spray gun comes complete with a few cups, liners, lids, filters, and adaptors to make mixing and spraying the paint on your vehicle an easier process.
2) Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

The Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun is a great paint sprayer to paint or repaint your vehicle. It produces a fine pattern and will even do a great job at applying a crystal clear coat for the protection of your bottom layer of paint. The tip is 1.0 millimeter, so you’ll receive a very fine, balanced layer of paint outflow. You won’t necessarily be able to use paints with a high viscosity, but you should be able to lay on thinner paints with ease.

This particular product is very affordably priced, it only goes for about $115, yet it produces a quality paint layer that you might expect from a more expensive paint sprayer. In addition to this, this sprayer is also very easy to use, which makes it one of the best guns on the market for beginners who are just getting into modifying their car’s paint job and clear coat.
3) TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set

The next spray gun on our list is a set of three HVLP guns that can be combined to create a beautiful finish on your vehicle. The nozzle and the needle of each of these three devices are crafted from a stainless steel material that is designed to extend the life of the spray gun. These guns feature a standard air intake of 1/4th of an inch, and a pressure level of 29 to 50 pounds per inch (PSI).
Another nice feature of this spray gun is that the paint output from the device is completely adjustable, so you can change the paint style that you need based on the object that you are painting. The spray pattern is not the only thing that you can control, the air pressure and the liquid flow can be easily adjusted as well. In addition, there is a full one year warranty included.
4) Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

The next item on our list, which is the Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670, offers the latest atomization technology on the market. In addition, all of the surfaces of the spray gun are also anodized to ensure that the paint travels smoothly through the device and the gun is easy to clean when you are done.
All of the components of this device are crafted from a high quality stainless steel to increase the durability of the gun. The device features precision air caps and fluid nozzles to help create a smooth, flawless finish that is extremely high in quality. The air pressure is easy to adjust, and the gun comes with three tips that you can choose between; the 1.3, 1.5, and 1.8 millimeter tips. There is also a warranty on the machine parts included with the purchase of this spray gun.
5) Astro 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose Paint and Body Spray Guns

This spray gun features a unique design that we have not seen yet on this list. It is actually a pressure-feed spray gun that utilizes a two quart pressure pot. This pot pushes the air from the pressurized pot to the gun by way of a dual six foot hose setup. The air pressure and the fluid pressure can easily be adjusted on this device, which allows you to create the finish that you desire.
Since the design of this spray gun utilized a long hose, it gives you a lot of movement options for walking around the vehicle while you are painting it without needing to move the pressure pot every time that you finish an area. Of course, the entire unit only weighs about five pounds, so when you are required to move the entire device, it can be done with ease. You can also mix and use up to two quarts of paint at once, so if you need to paint a larger vehicle like a van or bus, you will not have to frequently remix the paint that you need.
6) ATD Tools 6900A 9-Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set

The next auto spray guns on our list come in a set of three. All three of the guns are designed with a durable construction that is crafted from stainless steel material. The handle comes complete with an ergonomic grip that is comfortable and easy to use. In addition, there is also a knob on each gun that allows you to adjust the spray output.
The primer spray gun is a1.8 millimeter gun that offers a large spray area, but the top coat spray gun is 1.4 millimeter in width to give you more control over the paint that you are applying. Finally, the spray gun that is designed to complete the final touches on the paint job that you are applying to your vehicle is only one millimeter in width.

7) DeVilbiss 802343 Auto Painting/Priming Kit

Our next product is an actual spray gun kit. The DeVilbiss 802343 Auto Painting/Priming Kit has two guns that have two different tips so that you can have a wider selection when applying your paint to your automotive surfaces. Each spray gun uses a gravity-feed system and the first gun has a 1.3mm tip that’s perfect for the atomization of a car’s basecoats. If you need a light viscosity application, then the 1.3mm gun is probably going to be best for you. The second gun is a 1.8mm, or full size tipped spray gun. This gun is perfect for the application and atomization of paints with a higher viscosity rating, such as primers and paints with a thinned latex/oil base.

In addition to the two spray guns, this kit comes with a great carry case that also includes an air regulator and brushes that you can use to clean each gun after use. We really liked how these guns have a metallic finish and how easy it is to assemble each and start painting, even at a beginner’s level.
8) Wagner Detail Front End Kit

The final sprayer on our list is one that is designed to apply quality touch ups to your vehicle, but you can also use this device for a full paint job. The HPLV sprayer creates a smooth spray of paint that can easily be adjusted to your needs. You can choose between a vertical spray pattern, a horizontal spray pattern, and a circular one. Since this sprayer is designed for finishing, the detail that it can create is amazing because the spray is extremely precise. In addition, the unit weighs less than a pound, so it will be easy to carry around and maneuver from project to project.

Owning your own paint sprayer is great to remove scuffs and nicks from your car, but it is also extremely beneficial to have one of these devices to repaint your vehicle all together. The main benefit of this tool is that you can easily save yourself a small fortune during the lifetime of your car. Hopefully this guide has helped you decide which type of auto spray gun you would like to have to paint your car. Choosing a spray gun that provides a smooth finish will make your paint job feel more professional.

If you are looking for an option on which spray gun is the best for automotive painting, then we would select the DeVilbiss 803311 SRiPro Spot Repair Gun. It is a durable gun that gives you balance, an adjustable fan spray, and comfort while you are spray painting your car. If you are looking for an option that offers more bang for your buck, then the Wagner Detail Front End Kit is perfect, especially when you are only looking to touch up your vehicle. It features three spray patterns that can give you the perfect flow of paint and a detailed finish.