Winter is coming. And that means one thing. No, not the white walkers (well, close). One day you’re blowing leaves into a pile and the next day the wind is blowing snow over them.

Whether you want to clear your driveway and street or begin a seasonal business, turning your truck into a snow plow requires doing some homework to ensure the snow plow you select fits your designated vehicle, easily mounts, is durable, and has a long-lasting blade. It must also have the correct type of blade and accessories to get the job done.

Types of Plows

The operator should maneuver all passes of the straight plow and toward the perimeter. Avoid angling the blade toward a building. Remove the snow as far away from buildings as possible.

Operators can use a V-plow to make an initial break through hard-packed ice, snow, and drifts. The blade may be set in either straight or angled position to generally plow a wide-path or stack. The scoop position may be used for clean-up and carrying snow.

Pushers/Box/Containment plows are attached per the manufacturer’s specifications. Large volumes of snow may be removed quickly using a snow pusher on a loader, backhoe, skid-steer loader or compact utility tractor.

Plow Components

The snow plow blade is the focal point. Blades may be stainless steel or painted in a variety of colors. They are straight or V-shaped. V-shaped blades direct snow left or right on a central pivot point. Extendable blades may be special ordered or created by connecting “wing” accessories.

Brackets or a two-hitch receiver are used to attach the plow. Hitch receivers used for trailers connect rear-mount plows. Quick mount-and-release systems make mounting and removing heavy rusting easier than in the past.

Choosing a Snow Plow

Snow plow choice largely depends on the truck it will be attached to. Your local dealer or application guides found on most manufacturer websites offer information that will assist your decision. They specify which snow plow works best on your particular truck based on the gross axle weight rating, make, model, wheelbase, etc., which mounting hardware is needed, and if, and what type of, special equipment may be required for your truck.

Be careful when considering buying a used plow because the truck frame installation can be expensive. Be sure the blade’s frame will fit your truck.

A big expense is the hydraulic pump replacement or miscellaneous repairs. Check for leaks or if water is coming in past the seals.
Be certain any old truck you use has an electrical system that can handle the load from the pump motor.

Choosing the Snow Plow For Your Diesel Truck

Choose steel plows for diesel trucks. They are sturdier, stronger, and less expensive. Diesel engines weigh more than gas engines and may not be able to handle the same plow as its gas counterpart.

Snow Plow Accessories

Snow plow operators doing residential and/or commercial plowing might be interested in rear-mounted salt and de-icer spreaders. They may also appreciate more light, adding overhead light bars and rear flood lights. Bed-mounted ballast options and deflectors are also commonly purchased add-ons.

Plow Controls

Plow are lifted, lowered and attached using:

• An inexpensive winch-driven mechanism,
• An electric mechanism, or
• An expensive hydraulic mechanism.

Controllers used to attach and detach plows may be operated from inside the cab. They are also used to raise and lower the blade up or down as well as angle the blade from side to side.

Controllers may be wireless, handheld, or joystick style. Both joysticks and handheld units require running wires through the truck’s firewall (into the cab).
Handheld units are more easily stored when not in use. Conversely, joysticks are typically mounted onto the dashboard. Wireless are the easiest to install.


Cost is always a factor. Before purchasing, compare the labor and time, as well as financial costs against those of purchasing an initially less expensive snow blower.
When considering cost, consider:

• the initial cost of the plow,
• installation costs,
• accessories,
• warranty, and
• truck upgrades that might be required (particularly for diesel models).

Plows with V-shaped blades cost more, but are more effective for heavier loads. Small, straight blades work fine for plowing driveways.

Many pickups offer snow plow prep packages at some additional cost, which include a stiffer front end and suspension parts. You may also ask the dealer to add necessary wiring, oil and transmission coolers, and other prep package equipment that doesn’t come standard. Cost for these may be considered “investments” if the truck will be used for commercial plowing or if the plow will be used often.

Basic home/personal-use snow plow blades start under $2,000. Larger blades, particularly those designed for heavy-duty commercial applications, may be over $5,000.

Be aware the cost of the snow plow extends beyond the initial purchase. Because truck chasses, drivetrains, and powertrains will be put under more stress, regular maintenance and equipment upgrades are important.

Product Comparison Overview

Product: Home Plow by Meyer Snowplow, Electric Lift, Auto-Angling, 80in., Model# 23250
Main Feature: Fits 1/2-ton pickup, SUVs, or UTVs
Rating: 5.0 (1 Review)

Product: K2 Plows STSP8422 Storm Snow Plow, 84 by 22-Inch
Main Feature: For personal and light commercial use
Rating: 3.3 (12 Reviews)

Product: Meyer 25000 Plow
Main Feature: Fits 1/2 ton trucks and SUV’s
Rating: None

Product: 7’6” – 8’ Super Duty Straight Steel Blade
Main Feature: Designed for 1/2, 3/4, and one ton 4-wheel drive trucks and 14,000 – 27,000- GVW Medium Duty vehicles.
Rating: None

Product: Western 7.5′ Pro Snow Plow
Main Feature: Designed for 1/2, 3/4, and one ton 4-wheel drive trucks and 15,000 GVW Super Duty vehicles.
Rating: None

Why Use These Products?

There are many snow plow add-ons for all types and sizes of vehicles on the market. Products reviewed here are designed to fit mid- to full-sized gas/diesel pickup trucks. They are intended to provide reliable, durable, and convenient snow removal. Some models double as earth movers. The snow plow products reviewed here allow the user to easy attach/detach, operate, and maintain their product at reasonable cost.
Top Mid/Full-Size Truck Snow Plow Add-Ons

The following suggested mid/full-size truck snow plow add-ons are based on product specifications, use/users, accessories, and cost (No. 1 being “the best”).

5. K2 Plows STSP8422 Storm Snow Plow, 84 by 22-Inch

The cost effective, easy to assemble, Storm STSP8422 snow plow kit includes the snow plow, deflector, electric winch, wiring harness, steel scraper blade, and steel shoes. It is is designed and intended for personal and light commercial use and fits most light trucks and SUVs. It fits on a standard 2-in. front receiver hitch and goes on any model truck.

The K2 plow blade dimensions (w84″ x h22″) angling is a 3-position locking, powder coated, construction steel, finished with UV protective paint.

Adjustable castor wheels aids in moving it on and off.

• Cost
• 1-yr. Manufacturer’s Warranty

• None to date

4. Meyer 25000 (Home) Plow

The Meyer 25000 Plow is designed for use on 1/2 ton trucks and SUVs. It has a 6’8″ autoangle home plow assembly. Fully-assembled, the snow plow weights less than 250 lbs.

The Meyer 25000 mounts and adjusts easily. It mounts onto a standard Class 3, 2″ front receiver hitch (sold separately). The electric over hydraulic motor with wireless controller
Makes adjusting the snow plow direction effortless.

The moldboard lift is controlled by a hydraulic power unit. It is activated by a wireless key fob control. The right/left motion of the snow plow is controlled by the 25000 Home Plow’s patented Auto-Angling system. It quickly attaches or detaches using the 25000 Home Plow exclusive Quick-Link System. There is no need to manually adjust the plow blade.

The 25000 Home Plow comes with integrated mounting wheels that make it easy to remove and store. The Meyer 25000 Home Plow is for homeowner use only.

• Cost
• Easy installation
• Wireless controller
• No visible hardware when plow is not attached
• 1-yr. Manufacturer’s Warranty

• None to date

3. Home Plow by Meyer Snowplow, Electric Lift, Auto-Angling, 80in., Model# 23250

The Meyer Home Plow is an affordable, easy-to-handle product. It easily attaches to GM, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, and Toyota 1/2-ton to full-size pickups and SUVs, and a variety of utility vehicles.

The Home Plow used the Meyer patented Auto-Angling system which automatically pushes snow to one side or in one of three selected positions the plow blade can be locked into.

Each auto-angling plow is powder coated steel to minimize weathering, wear, and rust. They each have a durable all-steel two-piece moldboard with 3-piece steel cutting edge. Each is mounted electrically and equipped with an adjustable chain lift system. All accessories are pre-drilled.

Meyer snow plows have the longest warranty in the industry. A 2-yr. warranty is offered and the complete coverage will be extended up to 5 years with online registration.

• Cost
• Handles easily
• 5-yr. Warranty (longest in the industry)

• Remote control is not included
• Deflector is not included
• Winch is not included
• US mounting hardware is not included

2. Product: BOSS 7’6” – 8’ Super Duty Straight Steel Blade

The BOSS Super Duty Straight Steel Blade snow plow is affordable and easily attaches to Chevrolet/GM, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Nissan, Toyota, and other medium-duty 14,000 to 27,000 GVW trucks using the three-step SmartHitch2 attachment process.

The BOSS SmartLight 3 LED with Ice Shield Technology illuminate the road ahead much better than the traditional halogen systems. The 100% LED lighting is rated “Best in Class.”

The BOSS SmartTouch2 high-tech, easier to use, egonomic control includes larger backlift levers.

BOSS’ anti-corrosion SmartShield application provides superior protection and longer-lasting high gloss shine which minimizes weathering, wear, and rust.

Its fully reinforced moldboard design increases blade rigidity and durability which helps prevent plow damage from obstacles. Blade shock absorbers stabilize and cushion the trip action. The heavy duty push frame and quadrant adds strength and reliability.

The optional Next Generation Electrical system eliminates the 13-pin connector from the front of the vehicle.

Cast-iron plow shoes, in place of steel plow shoes, provide extended wear resistance. The blade shock absorber cushions and stabilizes the trip action.

The BOSS high performance, durable and dependable, hydraulic package includes fully-enclosed hydraulics which are protected against the elements to guard against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up. The hydraulic cylinder lift system is chainless which greatly reduces bounce (during transport). It also provides full float capability.

• Ice-Shield illumination technology
• Ergonomic controls
• Cast-iron plow shoes
• Fully-enclosed hydraulics
• Chainless hydraulic cylinder lift system
• Two-Year Limited Warranty for material defects for

• None to date

1. Western 7.5′ Pro Snow Plow

Western Pro Plow has consistently been one of the best-selling straight blade models for snow plow contractors. The product is designed to fit ½-ton, ¾-ton, and one-ton 4-wheel drive trucks and 15,000 GVW Super Duty vehicles.

The Western Pro Plow has True Fleet Interchangeability. The UltraMount® plows are equipped with a mounting system (FleetFlex) that fits all fleet trucks.

Each plow is 14-gauge baked-on, powder coated ULTRAFINISH™ steel which minimizes weathering, wear, and rust. They each have a trip-blade carbon steel cutting edge design with shock absorbers. Each is equipped with a quick mount/release mechanism (chain lift system and durable hydraulics) for easier installation, and NightHawk™ lights for safety. Plow components are enclosed for protection against the elements.

The Western Pro Plow is reinforced with six vertical ribs and Western’s power bar which adds torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate blade-twisting. The high-strength steel base channel also provides extra support along the bottom of the blade. A 1-in. diam. pivot bolt secures the plow in place. Assembly is kept in proper alignment and stress is reduced.

• Anti-theft system
• Everything is included to install and operate (except plow oil)
• Interchangeable among fleet trucks
• 2-yr. Warranty on product; 1-yr. Warranty on accessories, service, parts, and components
• Publically-recommended on Google

• None to date


The cost for all reviewed snow plows is within a comparable range. The Best Overall Product and Best BangWestern 7.5′ Pro Snow Plow for Your Buck product, although not the least expensive is the Western.