Zero Motorcycles has just announced its 2017 lineup including the lightweight Zero S and Zero DS ZF6.5, as well as the high-torque Zero SR and Zero DSR. Not only does the new line boast a 19% boost to torque and an 11% increase in power, but it also represents a milestone in the development of electric motorcycles. These are the first production electric motorcycles on the planet to be able to travel more than 200 miles on a charge.


While companies like Zero Motorcycles have been pushing the envelope with electric motorcycle design for more than a decade, many riders have been slow to adopt them. While electric bikes are ecologically friendly and offer cost-saving benefits, they do have some drawbacks as well. Riders are easily perturbed by their notoriously long charging times and frustratingly low ranges.

Zero’s 2017 models could make touring in electric motorcycles more accessible thanks to the Power Tank accessory which is optionally available for both the Zero S and Zero SR ZF13.0. With the Power Tank, it is now possible to ride more than 100 miles on the open road and more than 200 miles in urban environments. This sets the record for the longest range per charge on any electric motorcycle available to consumers. Other advancements for 2017 include the interior-permanent-magnet (IPM) motor and a high capacity controller for augmented horsepower and torque.


When will buyers have a chance to purchase the new long-range electric motorcycles included in the Zero 2017 lineup? The new bikes will be making their way to dealers this month, and may cost anywhere from $8,495-$15,995. The Power Tank accessory is currently listed with a suggested retail price of $2,695, and can be factory-installed. Federal tax credits drop the cost by 10%, and in some states such as California, buyers may qualify for an additional rebate. Any purchase of a 2017 Zero motorcycle comes with a complimentary one-year membership in the American Motorcyclist Association, complete with roadside assistance.