Let’s face it: sometimes we need to jack our cars up so that we can work on them, change a tire, or check for damage/rust. Getting our cars elevated and stable can be a simple task with a dedicated jack. Keeping them stable so that you can work safely is where a jack stand comes in. There are many of these types of jack stands out there and many do a great job at keeping your vehicle stable while you go about your business.

Many of the jack stands on the market come in a set of two; this is so that you can have stability on both sides of your vehicle. Also, of these jack stands, there are a few different types. These include:

Ratchet-Style: These jack stands will stabilize your vehicle once it’s been jacked into the air. For the most part, it’s very easy to stabilize the majority of vehicles with this type and some can handle upwards of ten tons. On the other hand, these also tend to have a base height that’s a bit tall, so getting it under a low-lying vehicle can be difficult.

Pin-Style: Like the ratchet-style, these jack stands have to be used in conjunction with a standard jack. This is because they don’t actually ratchet upwards, but once you’ve raised your vehicle to the required height, these jack stands tend to be the most stable on the market. As a matter of fact, many prefer this type to the ratchet-style because of the slow release of the other type. Also, as a rule, these tend to be less vulnerable to rusting.


Automobile Jack StandsMax Lift CapacityBest Design FeaturePriceRating
Hein-Werner HW93524A Blue Forklift StandSeven TonsIts Stability$381.524/5
Cartman 3 Ton Jack StandsThree TonsThe Ratchet Bar$27.994.5/5
Powerbuilt 647529 Heavy Duty 4-Ton Jack StandFour TonsIts Height Settings$43.574/5
Arcan Aluminum Jack StandsThree TonsLightweight Aluminum$79.994.7/5
Sunex 1410 10-Ton High Height Pin Type Jack StandsTen TonsIts High-End Weight Capacity$311.114.5/5
Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand12 TonsIts Ease of Ratcheting$36.014.8/5
Torin T43004 Aluminum Jack StandsThree TonsIts Small Form Factor$79.004.8/5
ESCO 10498 Jack StandThree TonsIts Stability$58.894.8/5

Hein-Werner HW93524A Blue Forklift Stand

Our first product, the Hein-Werner HW93524A is a great jack stand that has some of the best stability available today. As a pin-style stand, you’ll have to jack your vehicle up first, but this device’s amazing seven pound capacity more than makes up for the need of a dedicated jack. As we’ve mentioned, these types of jacks have a unique resistance to rust due to the lower amount of moving parts, and this device is also protected from this by a powder coat over its sturdy metal frame.
Another excellent feature of this jack is its wide-set base. Some pin-style jack stands have a tendency to be too thin on the base, and as you know, a wide base leads to better overall stability. This jack has a very wide "foot" so that you’ll know that it is sturdy when you need to do work under your car.
In addition to this, this jack also has a fairly high range of operation. At its lowest height that device will accommodate a space that’s 9¼ inches off the ground. This is fairly low for cars with not a lot of bottom clearance. At its maximum height, this jack will keep cars that are elevated 15¾ inches from the ground nice and stable so that you can work on them confidently. To add stability, this jack also has a very wide saddle-shaped platform that evenly distributes the weight that it’s supporting.

Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands

Our first ratchet-style jack stand, this unit is made to allow you to add a little lift to your vehicle. If you find yourself needing to alter the height of your car or truck, this is the perfect device for you. It rises to match the height of your jacked vehicles via a ratcheting mechanism that’s controlled by a lever. To release the height, you can simply move the lever. For the sake of stability, the ratcheting mechanism uses a toothed design so that each level of elevation is sturdy and won’t buckle.
Its height range is also fairly wide considering the device type. At its base height, this Cartman jack stand measures at 10.94 inches from the ground. At its maximum extension, the device can keep a vehicle stably raised to an elevation of 16.34 inches. This jack stand can manage a maximum weight capacity of three tons, so it’s perfect for most small to medium-sized cars.
Like our first option, this device has a wide-set base so that you can depend on it for stability. While it can only manage three tons, it’s the perfect device for a garage or simply changing your oil on the pavement. There is a polyester-based powder coat on this jack that’ll protect the majority of the mechanisms from moisture and rust, though this type of device has a tendency to wear down a bit over the years.

Powerbuilt 647529 Heavy Duty 4-Ton Jack Stand

Another ratcheting jack stand, the Powerbuilt 647529 heavy duty jack stand provides a lot of versatility for your vehicle’s needs. Like the previous device, this unit has a simple release lever that will allow you to lock the jack stand at a preferred height or return it to its base elevation quickly. What makes this type of jack stand so useful is the ability to make minor adjustments in the vehicle’s elevation without the need to bring out your hydraulic jack to lower your car.
When it comes to weight capacity, this device can handle any vehicle that is lighter than four tons. It has a great, skirted base that provides exceptional stability when managing heavy vehicles. This four point wide stance is also designed to not sink into asphalt while you work on your vehicle as well. This device’s ratchet system has a toothed grip, which will allow the jack stand to reliably hold weight without you having to worry about slippage. As a matter of fact, the device is designed to exceed ANSI standards.
This Powerbuilt unit has ten height settings, so you shouldn’t have an issue finding a good level to elevate your vehicle. It also has a great range; you’ll be able to pick an elevation between 13 and 20-1/4 inches. This provides an excellent degree of range for car work.

Arcan Aluminum Jack Stands

Our next ratcheting jack stand is crafted of shiny aluminum. This strong material allows this to be one of the lightest jack stands on our list. As a matter of fact, this device scarcely weighs more than ten pounds; making this an easy to heft around product for when you need something a little more portable. You don’t sacrifice strength either for power; this stand is made to last because of its aluminum construction. Arcan also has a great hydraulic jack that works well in conjunction with this jack stand.
This set of two jack stands can handle three tons of weight capacity per stand; making it easy to change your oil or rotate more than one tire at a time. One unique feature of this specific jack stand is it’s "A" shaped feet. These feet are wide-set for a large degree of stability when your jack stand is supporting a vehicle. When it is engaged, the easily operated ratcheting arm will let you make the minute adjustments you sometimes need when working on a vehicle.
Overall, this jack stand has a fairly decent range. Its base height is a somewhat high 11.5 inches and its maximum elevation is 16.5 inches. A great feature of this device is its large saddle; it is 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches, which means that it has more than enough space to safely contact your car.

Sunex 1410 10-Ton High Height Pin Type Jack Stands

Out of all of the devices featured in this jack stand guide, the Sunex 1410 is the one that will securely elevate your vehicle the most. In addition to this, it also has the second highest capacity of all of the units we’ll see on this list; it can manage a full ten tons of weight. This makes this device perfect for hefting large trucks and even semi-encumbered campers and RVs.
This stand handles this weight via a very sturdy and stable construction. It is a four legged device, but the legs are surrounded by a strong bar which adds a sizeable degree of reinforcement. In addition to this, the bars themselves are made of extra-strong heavy schedule pipe that ensures that you’ll be able to manage larger weights.
This device is a pin-type model that has nine different heights that you can choose from. The full range of the device is 28.1 inches to 46.5 inches, so the device that you are stabilizing will already need to be at a relatively high position before you start. In addition to its height, the saddle is also 3.1 inches by 5.1 inches; a large size that makes this jack stands perfect for larger vehicles like trucks and even farm equipment.

Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand

We’ve reached the capacity winner of the devices reviewed on this list. The Omega 32126 can lift a full 12 tons of gross weight. Like the Sunex 1410 before it, this jack stand is perfect for larger vehicles and campers. Unlike that model of stand, the Omega 32126 has a much smaller form factor and has a base height that allows it to be placed under most cars and trucks easily.
One of the best features of this jack stand is the patented automatic raising feature. This automatically extends the rack bar and saddle to your desired height when you pull up on the lever. For stability, there is also a counterweighted pawl that locks the ratchet in place. This device has a 9 5/8 inch minimum height and a maximum height of 30 ¼ inches.
The entire device is made of welded steel, so it’s perfectly durable for any job. It also has a fairly wide positioning at its base, which means that you won’t have too much problem finding a stable position on level ground.

Torin T43004 Aluminum Jack Stands

Widely considered one of the best in the industry, this aluminum jack stand looks very simple when you first see it. As a pin-type, this unit actually is perfect for vehicles that have very little undercarriage clearance. It uses five holes and a very strong pin for height adjustment. In addition to its small design, this stand is also lightweight and durable since it is comprised of aluminum; this jack stand only weighs about ten pounds in totality.
You might think there’s less stability on this jack stand due to the fact that this is one of the few that doesn’t use a tripod-style shaping. In actuality, this is an exceptionally stable jack stand; its feet are a full 6 ¾ inches from side to side, which provides plenty of surface area. Its default, minimum height is 10 ¾ inches and the maximum height is 15 5/8 inches, which is a smaller total range than a few of the other stands on our list.

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

Our final jack stand is a unique-looking stand that has a few features that differentiate it from the other reviewed products. Firstly, the saddle on this unit is soft. Some of the other jack stands have metal saddles that can cause fine scrapes and lines on the undercarriage of your vehicle, so this unique feature is a way to prevent this damage from occurring.
In addition to this, this unit’s saddle is also round shaped, which provides a larger surface area to support your vehicle. Also with stability in mind, this device is mounted on a bar-reinforced tripod that has rounded feet. Of all of the products that we’ve featured here, this is probably the most stable.
Once positioned, this device is capable of holding a full three tons of weight and can adjust from a minimum height of 13 inches to a full 21 inches of extension. This jack stand is also fairly unique in one aspect; it comes as a single unit, so purchasing two for added stability will run you another $59.


Stabilizing your vehicle so that your work can be safe is key to proper home auto upkeep. The jack stands that we’ve featured in this list will all do an excellent job providing the stability you need during your work. If we were to select an overall winner of the choices we’ve presented here, we’d go with the ESCO 10498 Jack Stand as our overall favorite. Its protective saddle that is soft on the undercarriage of your vehicle and its wide-set legs make it nearly perfect for just about any job.
If you’re thinking bang for the buck, then the $36 Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand is also a great jack stand that has a stunning capacity of 12 tons. This makes it a perfect choice for hoisting large objects like RVs and campers so that you can have safety as well as power. Its relatively low price tag is, of course, a major consideration as well.
In any situation, we hope that you’ve enjoyed our listing of some of the best jack stands on the market. Remember, safety is your first priority; never work underneath your vehicle without a jack stand. These devices are literally life savers and when used properly, will actually make the job much easier.