The Valkyrie often has the exhaust tampered with in order to increase noise. Trouble is, the booming sound that results can get a bit wearing when travelling long distance.

The above mod is often accomplished by cutting off the six exhaust pipes (known as ‘piggies’) inside the chrome outer covers. This Mod shows how to put them back without expensive tools or a welder. Its known as the ‘hedgehog method’ after its inventor.

(Yup, that’s me! Dave)


Bike was a bit noisy on long rides so I checked the piggies…. uh-huh. They’d been cut down to just an inch long..


They were now too short to use the ingenious soldered copper pipe method of restoration as featured on the VRCC Forum, and I don’t have a welder. Plumbing fittings are different over here so I couldn’t tap a new thread in the holes and screw in pipes either…

Then I found that Mark at Horseapple would sell me a pair of cut off piggie plates for just 20 bucks. Brilliant!


But how to simply and inexpensively attach them with only limited tools ? Here’s what I did….

First, I ground off the stubs…


Then I used some dowels to line up the holes..


Then I drilled some holes for self tapping screws.. Next I added some Gun Gum (exhaust repair stuff that contains glass fibre)..


Then I screwed the entire piggie plate assembly onto the rear of the main exhaust chamber… smoothed the gun gum down around the edge and its done..

Its simple, very secure and works fine – more of a mellow note now…no change in performance noticed… I’m no mechanic and there are more elegant ways of doing this, but it was cheap and it worked!

Time for a beer!

Usual disclaimers apply to this article – no liability accepted for injury or damage to parts etc caused by you following these above tips. Motorcycle mechanics and electrics can be dangerous. Its up to you to take all sensible precautions and follow common sense safety procedures.