Who hasn’t had to wait for their car to cool down on a sunny day? When the sun is beaming outside, the interior of your car can reach temperatures higher than 172 degrees Fahrenheit. When it’s 80 degrees or above outside, your seats, especially if they’re leather, can burn you. Your steering wheel will be hot to the touch and you do everything possible to avoid the singeing seat belt connector.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this uncomfortable situation: the car sunshade. These miraculous products deflect the annoying sun’s baking rays so that your car is much cooler when it’s time to go for a relaxing drive. These products come in a plethora of styles, designs, and materials and finding the one that works best can be a bit of a chore. To make things easier on you, we’ve created this guide that will help you find the sunshade that will make your car a comfortable place to drive in; even when it’s hot outside.


There are several types of sunshades that will appeal to most users, from parents to those who are looking for a new means of self-expression.

  • Windshield Sunshades: These are typically reflective sunshades that have a layer of foil-like material on them that effectively redirects the sun’s heat away from your car; as a result, your car doesn’t soak up the UV radiance and heat up. These types are great options for people with leather interiors or those who tend to park their cars in places with a shortage of shade.
  • Sunshades for Kids: A child’s skin isn’t as resistant to the sun’s hard rays as an adult’s; so as a result, children are much more vulnerable to burning than their parents. These types of sunshades attach to your car’s windows and provide a degree of protection from the bright rays, even as you drive. Typically, these are made of a mesh-like material and can be seen through when needed.
  • Themed Windshield Sunshades: If you want to keep your car cool, but also want to add a bit of personality to your vehicle, then these might be a good choice. With these types, you can have an image on the outward facing surface of the shade so that people can notice your car. Some have images of pop culture icons and some simply display a beautiful vista.
Car SunshadeBest Design FeaturePriceRating
"Sleepy Eyes" Car Windshield Sunshade by mAutoAs a themed sunshade, this model grants a lot of personality to your car; all while keeping it cool$13.83
  1. 8/5
AlphaShades Car Windshield SunshadeThis shade folds very easily so that you can store it anywhere in your car$9.95
  1. 8/5
Pro Shade SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric Car Windshield ProtectorThis sunshade comes in two unique sizes$14.99
  1. 7/5
Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion SunshadeWith this themed product, your car can look like the interior of the Millennium Falcon$10.37
  1. 7/5
Shade-It Windshield Sun ShadeThis sunshade folds down exceptionally small$12.99
  1. 6/5
Enovoe Baby Car Window Sun ShadeThe mesh fabric of this shade blocks 97 percent of UV rays$12.97
  1. 5/5
Veneev Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear WindowThis package includes a rear sunshade as well$11.91
  1. 6/5

1) "Sleepy Eyes" Car Windshield Sunshade by mAuto

Our first product is one that features a theme. While themed sunshades aren’t for everyone, this is a great product if you’d like to add a bit of funny personality to your car. Even if you don’t particularly care for having sleepy eyes featured on your car, this unique sunshade has one excellent feature that earned it a place on our list: it’s also reversible.

Reversibility makes it so that when you don’t want to display the sleepy eyes, you can also choose the side that is covered in a metallic foil material. This material actively reflects the sun’s rays, allowing your car to remain nice and cool.
In addition to this two-in-one feature, this sunshade also has a UV coating. As you already know, the sun can damage just about anything that is exposed to its rays. With this in mind, the manufacturers of this sunshade included an active UV coating that will help it avoid the cracking and peeling that can happen to sunshades.
In addition to the sleepy eyes version of this product, mAuto also has several other windshield sunshades that protect your car from the damaging heat.
Each sunshade is 27.6 inches in height and 51.2 in width, which will accommodate the majority of vehicles. In addition, as an accordion sunshade, you simply fold it in upon itself when you are ready to store it.

2) AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade

Our second product is a great sunshade for those who want to be able to quickly deploy and collapse their sunshade so that they can get on with their day. This is one of the most compact units on our list; it has an internal plastic circular frame that allows it to be quickly folded up and also allows it to spring into full extension when you need to protect your car. When collapsing, simply fold the shade in half and twist the folded sunshade into a smaller circle. Once folded, simply tuck it into the included case.
This pop-in/pop-out design is incredibly convenient and easy to initiate. In addition to this functionality, AlphaShades has also crafted this shade out of a nylon/polyester mix, which makes this a very durable, sun-resistant shade. This material is thicker and thusly deflects more of the sun’s UV rays than many of the other products of its type that are currently on the market.
This sunshade measures 59.05 inches in width and 31.49 inches in height. This will cover the majority of car windshields and when it is compacted, the shade shrinks down to a fraction of this size; making it easy to fit in a door or under a seat.

3) Pro Shade SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric Car Windshield Protector

The next sunshade in this guide is somewhat similar in compact style to the last. It has an internal oval frame that lets you twist it into a smaller circle for easy storage. Two major differences between the two products are that this sunshade isn’t quite as thick and it also comes in a standard and jumbo size. While you won’t get quite the same level of sun protection, this units size options are pretty great when you have a larger car or truck.
Also, the shade has a metallic-colored outward facing surface and a blue-colored inner surface, this doesn’t have a massive effect on your car’s internal temperature, but we found that this looks pretty good on cars with a lighter coloration.
Another really useful feature of this product is its strap. When you’re folding up the sunshade it’s nice to have a strap that keeps it folded tightly. The case is small enough to fit in any storage compartment in your car and it is the same color as the inside surface of the sunshade.
When it comes to dimensions, the standard size is 57 inches in width and 30 inches in height and costs $14.99. The jumbo version, on the other hand, is 64 inches in width and 34 inches in height and amazingly costs the same.

4) Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

This accordion-style sunshade is perfect for satisfying your internal sci-fi geek. On its outer surface is a captured scene from 1977’s Star Wars. When you have this sunshade deployed on your car, it’ll look like Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker are all sitting in your car.
This sunshade uses a reflective material to greatly reduce the UV rays reaching the car’s internals and even features a nice strap that you can use to secure it when folded. Unfortunately, the design may fade a bit after extended use, but it’ll still serve as a great sunshade, even after the lead characters start to get a little too much sun.
The dimensions for this product are 57 inches in width and 28 inches in height, so it may not fit the windshields of larger vehicles.

5) Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade

This sunshade is a great option for those with larger cars. Similar in pop-up/pop-down design to the second and third sunshades in this guide, this sunshade has more size options for those who drive SUVs and trucks. When folded, all sizes of this sunshade assume almost the same dimensions as a vinyl record, which makes it perfect for quick storage. Also, when folded, the shade fits neatly in a strapped carrying pouch.
This product, as mentioned, comes in three sizes. The standard size is 59 inches in width and 27.55 inches in height. The mid-range version is 63 inches in width and 33.86 inches in height. Finally, the largest variation is 65.7 inches in width and 36.4 inches in height. The standard size is $12.99, but the larger options are both $14.99 in price.

6) Enovoe Baby Car Window Sun Shade

Our final two sunshades are of a different variety. As mentioned previously, there are two main types of sunshade; one that protects the inside of your vehicle from the sun’s rays and another that provides protection for your littlest passengers as you go about your day. The Enovoe Baby Car Window Sun Shade, as the name suggests, is clearly one of the latter.
This sunshade uses static cling to adhere to your side windows and is comprised of a mesh that is easy to see through. While there are products on the market that use suction cups and adhesives to provide the same layer of protection, the fact that this product uses static electricity to cling to your window makes it much more convenient and won’t leave your windows marred.
This product comes in a pack of two so that you can reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that get into your car on a sunny day on both sides of the vehicle. Each sunshade is 21 inches in width and 14 inches in height, so it should cover the majority of car side windows.

7) Veneev Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window

Our final product has a lot of similarities to the other child protective sunshade we just covered. It uses a static cling system to adhere to your windows, and it is also comprised of a UV-reducing mesh. The chief difference between the two products is that this one comes in a set of three; two sunshades for the two back windows and one larger shade that fits on the rear window. This combination makes this the perfect sunshade for protecting your kids from UV rays in a larger car like a SUV or truck.
The side shades on this product are 20 inches in width and 12 inches in height, which is more than enough coverage for most side windows. The rear window shade is 30.3 inches in width and 19.6 inches in height, which is a lot of rear coverage as well.

Sunshades are vehicle protectors that will not only keep your car cooler during warm days, but will also greatly reduce the cracking and splitting that can happen to leather surfaces as a result of being dried out by the heat. These devices are a great, cheap investment that will yield dividends when you consider how your car will age much more gracefully with one.
Out of all of products that we’ve reviewed, both windshield and window models, if we were asked to select one that was our favorite, we’d pick the AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade. This shade has a lot of great features; our favorite being the fact that it’s made of very thick polyester and seems to provide more UV protection than many similar products. We also like how compact this sunshade is when folded; it can easily fit inside the nook on your doors or even neatly under the seats.
When considering which of these products provides the best bang for your buck, we love the Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sunshade more than attempting the Kessel run. This sunshade provides a great level of UV protection and features some iconic characters that let people know how much you love Star Wars. It’s a very fun sunshade and perfect for adding a little personality to your vehicle.